Avaler Creek Inventory

Taylor Morrison Homes in Avelar Creek in Riverview currently has several new home inventories available.

  • Dorset 3 Car $253,340
  • Wakefield $284,840
  • Oxford $163,885
  • Bridgeford $158,190
  • Bellingham   $190,015
  • Bellingham  $213,505
  • Stafford  $196,570
  • Rothbury  $193,390
  • Pinehurst  $225,400
  • Lancaster  $210,490
  • Camden
  • Berkshire

There is nothing better than moving into a brand new home. Please contact our team to help you assist in your new home search.

Brandon Market Report October

Brandon active homes for sale on the market

Active Homes Riverview as of October 20th, 2008
Single Family 800
Townhomes 116
Condos 70
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Active Homes Brandon as of October 20th, 2008
Single Family 499
Townhomes 82
Condos 36
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Active Homes Valrico As of October 20th, 2008
Single Family 554
Townhomes 64
Condos 23
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Homes Sold Year to date up to October 20, 2008 all types

Brandon Homes Sold YTD 442
Riverview Homes Sold YTD 856
Valrico Homes Sold YTD 505

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